Everything in your life starts with making decisions. As a life coach I have the honor to teach my clients how to do this with ease and intention. I start with the decision of believing.

I believe that when you learn how to stop believing all the voices that tell you you can’t , you’re not good enough and there’s something wrong with you, you’ll find what you have been searching for; a deep knowing that you are already enough and worthy. You will learn that you alone have the power to create the life of your desire by using the most value tool you have, your brain.

Once you can start being mindful of what is going on in your brain, you access your agency and you can ignite change.

If you feel far from this, that is ok, I’m here to help. If you are fed up with the results you are getting in your life or feeling a certain way, and are ready for a change, asking for help is the first step and a courageous one.

I’m ready when you are.

My coaching style is a mix of Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, holistic approach to understanding the whole, and causal coaching which gets to the root of the issue. The type of coaching I focus on is about managing our minds, which is the ultimate self-care. I always create a space of compassion, honesty, and non-judgement.

I offer private coaching packages to clients worldwide via zoom, phone, or in person in Paris, France.

Our testimonials

"As a spiritual seeker and self help connoisseur of many years, I am incredibly refreshed by Lovey's method of coaching. It is like no other tool I've used before. Her method of teaching leaves me empowered every time. When I move about life, I am able to use her tools on my own to understand what my brain is doing and how to best trust and honor myself, leading to new personal paradigms of living and being in the world."
Ashley F.
"Lovey helped me turn my weaknesses into strengths. She helped me a lot in being truly honest with myself. She was totally understanding everything I talked about. Our sessions help me regain my self-confidence like I never had it before. Her complete professionalism and her full support made me feel safe"
Saafa H.

Lovey Chan Coaching LLC